Welcome to www.WrayEllis.com


No longer will you be bothered by commercials, viruses, spy-ware, or disruptive and annoying intruders. WrayEllis.com was created so you'll always have a source of live, high quality, commercial-free music and family-friendly chat. This is a friendly place...just for those who want to be here. So, welcome! I'm glad you stopped by.


Since launching The Virtual Honky Tonk in 2008, each week, I've provided 8 hours of live music and chat, free, for anyone who happened along. While there was no charge for my audience, the studio hardware and broadcasting software necessary for delivering a hi-definition experience have become a spiralling investment. Recently, I had to make a tough decision. Rather than stop doing shows, I decided to create a VHT membership. Everyone will still have free access to my music and YouTube videos, but the live Virtual Honky Tonk shows and special downloads will be for VHT members only.


I've set membership fees as low as I possibly can: about 15 cents a day.




Sign up for membership and you'll have a 10-day free trial of this site. After 10 days have passed, you'll be asked if you wish to become a member. If you don't, your free trial ends and we part company. No hard feelings.


If you do wish to become a member, and I hope you will, you'll be asked to choose your level of membership: (Payment is secure and conducted through PayPal.)


Monthly: $5.00 (17 cents a day)

Yearly: $55.00 (15 cents a day)

If you can afford 15 cents a day - and enjoy good people and great music, join the club! Become a Virtual Honky Tonker!


Wray Ellis, Feb. 2014